Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nicely wet weather.

Windy too. I didn't get to go to lunch with Kim as that was when the storm was forecast to hit (not so much a storm, more a heavy shower of rain); I did pick up a parcel from the PO (goodies ordered from the nice Dusk candle people).

Dinner last night was had with TUS at d'Tandoor Indian restaurant. We ordered the banquet, and I ordered a side of onion baghi, which consisted of starters, three meat and 1 vegetable curry (ok, butter chicken isn't a curry but it's nicely spicy), two types of rice and three types of naan bread, followed by dessert. Very tasty and worth a second visit for the butter chicken alone.

Leece, Mark and I had to make a brisk walk back to the car park at 8.15, between the mains and the dessert, as none of us had put enough money in the parking meter.

I got to the restaurant early, as usual, and took a walk down a part of Oxford St I'd never visited. Discovered a paper shop - the type of shop that sells really, really nice paper and card and all sorts of good things. Ended up buying a pearl card, matching envelope, green and white vellum and matching green Japanese handmade paper. Gorgeous. Dunno what I'll make with it.


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