Sunday, July 23, 2006

Shiny Sunday

Mutterings continued.

Another great weekend over.

L and R for dins last night. We had some great viewing - ep 1 from series 2 of Battlestar Galactica, Round the Twist, Kolchak and MST3K's City Limits ("Shouldn't we be carefully placing these comic books in plastic bags?" "No, we have lives." -Crow/Tom Servo.) (Lee: "Hey I'm not really a skull, lady" Kim Catrall: "I'm not really an actress.").

Today has been spent doing a couple of loads of washing, visiting Bunnings for more potting mix and a pot of apple mint, washing Manfred, having lunch at Britannia (roast beef and Yorkshire pud) and potting out some geraniums and mint. And watching the very funny, very silly Asterix and Obelix: Operation Cleopatra. It had the requisite number of amusing names (one of which was that of a spy, someone who could get in anywhere - Pinnumba). Lots of movie in-jokes - Star Wars, Asian chop socky, etc.

More Travelling with Poss (aka Places I Have Been):

Place 1 - easy.

Place 2 - also easy.

Place 3 - not at all easy.


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