Wednesday, July 12, 2006

'arry's gorn.

Mutterings continued.

Last saw 'im on Friday as he lurked next to the Director of Animal Health Services and Research's door. This week, not a sighting. I hope 'e's ok.

There has been some debate on Leece's blog as to whether the day time temps we've been having could be considered cold. No, when you're inside out of the wind; yes, when you're outside, sitting in it.

Caroline and I went to the lunch bar in Angelo St for a sammich today. The only free table was near the doorway and a breeze kept coming in and freezing our ankles. A table further inside became vacant so we moved to that; this made things difficult for the poor waitperson who had clocked where we were sitting when Caroline put our order in and then couldn't find us. She walked over to a group of blokes who had taken our discarded table with our coffees and looked most non-plussed that a. we'd changed gender, and b. had multiplied by 1.5 persons.

Milo and Gus have both gone loony. Milo is making stupid noises and racing around the place and Gus joined him for a while. She's now quietened down and is in the kitchen, staring at the food bowls that I've just filled with fresh stuff from a new tin. I think she forgets that she's eaten.

All the Perths:

This one's mine.

And this is Perth, New York.

And this is Perth, Scotland.

And this is Perth, North Dakota. Pretty patchwork countryside but no actual town, by the look of it.

Sad fan girl alert - popped into the newsagent's next to the sammich bar at lunch time and bought volume 2 of the Midsomer Murders magazine and DVD series. At $19.95, it's an expensive way to the gets the discs, however I only intend to purchase this one. It's Written in Blood and stars David Troughton as a very sleazy drama teacher, complete with horrid comb-over.


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