Thursday, June 29, 2006

Headin' towards the weekend

Mutterings continued.

A rather overcast and not terribly warm Thursday, during which I had lunch at the cafe with Kim and took a visiting keeper to the airport. And found a card from the Post Office in my mailbox telling me that something is waiting for me. I have three parcels on their way from Cafe Press so it could be one of those.

Dinner with TUS last night was good - Maureen and I both had the Betty burger, however hers was served, and eaten, more delicately than mine. Hers came on pitta bread and was eaten with cutlery, mine onna bun, that wasn't.

My right eyebrow has developed, or rather redeveloped, a very annoying twitch. I Googled 'twitching eyebrows' to see what disease or syndrome I've come down with and found a forum of women of a certain age all describing the same thing. They also thought they'd developed something lethal and were relieved to discover it's "just" another symptom of perimenopause. Seems the twitching isn't confined to the eyebrows, as one woman reported on her twitching butt cheek. As if the vagueness, thinning hair and receding eyesight aren't enough. Fuck!

Parrots of the Carob Bean Too is due for release in Perth on 6 July. Huzzah!


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