Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday, Monday

Mutterings continued.

We had a drop of rain overnight. Nice. More is forecast for tomorrow, possibly culminating in a thunderstorm. We shall see.

My Death on Stage t shirt arrived from Cafe Press this afternoon - one down, three to go.

The production committee for Hedda Gabler has found a props person (hurrah!); she sent me the props list today and there are some interesting items on it. 8-0 I've made a few suggestions as to where she could buy/make some of the things.

The Oxford Dictionary's Word a Year is interesting. "Susie Dent selects a single word to represent each of the last hundred years. Can you guess what the word of the year for 2005 is?" The year I was born, it was the Pill. Hmmm....


Blogger fiona glass said...

And mine was 'disco'. Which is ironic as I can't stand the things. :)

2:06 am  

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