Friday, June 23, 2006

Even more memes

Mutterings continued.

This is from Martin L:

Go to

  1. Type your first name and the word "needs", all in inverted commas (eg "PossNeeds") in the search box
  2. Click Google Search
  3. Pick out the best results

Here are mine:

Poss needs to pony up details on her ethics finding
Poss needs to release key information on her Texas Ethics Commission imbroglio (oooh, I've got an imbroglio. I think that's a type of pasta...)
Poss needs service
Poss needs a quick edit
POSS needs to be bonded to alter the thermodynamics sufficiently to induce compatibility (Yes, but bonded to what?)
POSS needs to move to a (higher) subject position
Poss needs to cobble together disparate constituencies with vastly different agendas (Don't we all?)
Poss needs new head
Poss needs a lil more tidying up (this is getting rather insulting!)
Poss needs stiffer springs in front
Poss needs to be a little to the right (no thanks; I'm perfectly happy over here on the left)
Poss needs to leave town (Right! I'm outa here!)


Blogger fiona glass said...

Stiffer springs up front???? The mind boggles. LOL

2:05 am  

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