Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another shiny day.

Mutterings continued.

*sigh* The usual grocery shopping this morning (gods! I wish the supermarkets would reinstate night packers. I'm fed up of having to work my way around spotty herberts and their wayward trolleys and empty boxes in the ever narrowing aisles!), followed by clothes and underwear shopping (K Mart) and luvverly smelly stuff shopping (Lush).

I love these people. This is such a fun place and I want to visit, and bow down before, Karl. 21 June is Talk in a Fake Accent day.

Very amusing episode of the Drew Carey Show last night. Mr Carey is a huge Babylon 5 fan and it showed. Lewis went to a B5 convention as G'Kar, where he met up with a woman dressed as Delenn. I'm sure the costumes were authentic - there were a lot of Narns in the full prosthetics and the woman was wearing Delenn's purple frock. Both were Warner Brothers' productions so I'm guessing the DCS had access to the wardrobe.


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