Friday, June 09, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Well, the general blurghy feeling has morphed into a fully-fledged head cold. Runny nose that is in danger of dripping at embarassing moments, sore throat and a head that feels like it's been stuffed with inferior cotton wool. But apart from feeling a little sorry for myself, it's not that bad. And I'm hoping L and R are well enough for dins and DVDs tomorrow night. Want company!!

GRADS committee meeting last night - some of us got there are the right time of 6pm, the rest thought the meeting started at 7pm (those who didn't think it was on Tuesday, that is). You Know Who You Are! Hedda is coming along - all parts now filled and a production committee is forming. The question of props wrangler was brought up, complete with significant looks in my direction. No, I haven't caved in, though I have volunteered for a couple of nights ushering.

Del-Boy update:

Voyage Around My Father, Donmar Warehouse

John Mortimer's autobiographical play is the affectionate portrait of a son's relationship with his father. Growing up in the shadow of the brilliant barrister, who adored his garden and hated visitors, and whose blindness was never mentioned, the son continually yearns for his father's love and respect.

John Mortimer – barrister, playwright, novelist and raconteur – is best known for his 'Rumpole of the Bailey' stories. He is also the author of numerous film scripts including Cider With Rosie and Zeffirelli's Tea With Mussolini.

Author: John Mortimer; Director: Thea Sharrock; Producer: The Donmar Warehouse;
Cast includes: Derek Jacobi


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