Monday, June 05, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Been sneezin' most of the day. Don't think I've got a cold coming on, though I do feel a little headachey.

A slack kind of a day - did the dishes, tidied up a bit, visited Bunnings and bought a longer planter and some more herbs (coriander and Lad's Love, a lovely silvery fronded insect repellant). After I've rabbitted on here, I shall go outside and plant out the herbs.

Watched 50 First Dates last night; it wasn't bad. I think it's probably the first Adam Sandler movie I've ever watched (and I usually run a mile from anything that Rob Schneider is associated with - Deuce Bigalo, anyone?? Thought not.). My favourite characters were the sea lions and the penguin (think it was a Rockhopper). I don't normally hold with animals being taught cutesy tricks, and the scene of the sea lions kissing at the end WAS cute, but I guess it wasn't too bad.


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