Sunday, June 04, 2006

The sun it shineth every day

Mutterings continued.

to paraphrase the Bard. Will it never rain?? These shiny days are all well and good but we need the rain, dammit.

Leece, being the kind and generous person she is, has passed her lurgie onto Rob, so they won't be coming for dins tonight. I'm hoping he'll be well enough to see X Men at Glod Class (TM) tomorrow.

Finally got some books together to take to the Last Hurrah at the Stock Road Markets. Didn't get much for them; it was, however, a lot more than had I just left them in the spare room gathering dust bunnies and hair. And in return I got Horse Nonsense by Sellar and Yeatman (authors of 1066 and All That); Plays Before Shakespeare (1924); Stories by Oscar Wilde (includes the Happy Prince and Other Stories); Let Your Mind Alone! and other More or Less Inspirational Pieces, by Thurber (1937); and another Dalziel and Pascoe, Good Morning, Midnight. All for $12.

Visited Bunnings in Spearwood, which is just around the corner from the Markets and made some herby purchases: more cat grass for G and M; a cardamon bush; lemon balm; and purple sage.

Saw a lovely doco on World Movies last night - Etre et Avoir (To Be and To Have). From IMDB: "How do we learn to live with others and their wishes? Director Nicolas Philibert poses this question in a village schoolhouse in Auvergne, where Georges Lopez teaches 13 children, ages ranging from about four to 12. Against a landscape of mountains and farmland, from driving snow to rain to sun, the children gather in Lopez's warm and colorful classroom, to read, write dictation, cook, and sort things out. At home, the older ones do homework with parents after their chores. At year's end, they look ahead to the next, visiting the middle school and meeting the little ones coming in the fall. As they learn sums and adjectives, with Lopez's help, they also learn to live side by side." The school is in the tiny village of Saint-Etienne-sur-Usson in central France. The village has a population of 228, which probably explains why they only need one teacher.


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