Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Famous last words and all that.

Mutterings continued.

You know what I was saying the other day about feeling better? That the lurgi hadn't gone to my chest?? Spoke too soon, din I? *sigh* Woke up yesterday morning feeling like I'd been run over by something very heavy that operates on steam and rolls things. I had aches in very odd places - like a bit of my wrist, not the whole wrist or hand, and the knobbly bit of one of my ankles. And a headache that four Panamax wouldn't shift. So I spend the day inside, drinking cups of tea and watching the telly and generally feeling miserable.

Today was a little better - I feel not too shabby but I sound dreadful and at least half a dozen people told me to go home. Leece came into the Zoo for lunch and to give some money to Sponsorship from the sales of some of her designs. We had a bit of a wander and I showed her where the new Painted Dogs exhibit is. Baboon brothers, Taye and Chad, were fighting over a pink straw that Taye had fished out of the moat. He deliberately sat next to Chad with it to tease him. Chad, of course, wanted it and the resulting scuffle saw them rolling over and over, with Chad screaming until one of the females chase Taye off. Chad, however, was the victor and Possessor of the Pink Straw.

Time Team last night was about the Liberty Prints 'factory'. "From the late 1800s, the Liberty works on this site produced thousands of yards of hand-printed silks that made Liberty a household name. The Arts and Crafts movement rejected the new mechanised techniques that were revolutionising the industry and pioneered a return to quality hand-made objects." This is the store - it's gorgeous. I didn't go inside as I was feeling pooped. I will next time. Next week's Time Team is in Bath. Been there.


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