Saturday, June 10, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Despite having a nose that alternates between running like the proverbial and being stuff up, I'm actually feeling better. The lurgi hasn't gone to my chest; this is a good thing as I'm asthmatic.

The day has been spent shopping (no shiny thing purchase - just groceries, vacuum cleaner bags and drugs) and houseworking. It's come over cloudy and the temp has dropped.

And L and R are coming for dinner - hurray! We're having Red Rock noodles.

On in the background is a doco on the history channel about the making of the St Valentines Day Massacre. A greatt film; I didn't realise it was directed by Roger Corman. And I've never seen Mr C before - what a pleasant looking chap he is. He's just turned 80.


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