Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another sunny Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Another gloriously sunny day: cold overnight, clear blue skies and 22c.

Did the usual grocery and stuff shopping this morning and housework this arvo. I'm listening to the 80s channel on Foxtel - they played one of my all time favourite (amongst others) songs a little earlier - Golden Brown by the Stranglers.

Hmmm...."Warner Brothers to help save devil

Efforts to save the tasmanian devil from a devastating disease could soon get help from a US movie studio.

It is expected Warner Brothers will this week announce it will contribute money to save the devil.

The studio owns the rights to the cartoon character Taz, which brought the animal worldwide recognition.

The character's real life counterpart is being threatened by a facial tumour disease and was last week formally listed as a vulnerable species.

The Tasmanian Government has been in negotiations with Warner Brothers for some time to try to secure further funding."

On a more productive note, "Cassowary habitats mapped for protection plan

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is developing a new recovery plan for the endangered cassowary in the state's north.

Only about 1,500 of the big birds are thought to be left in an area that stretches from south of Cooktown to the north-west of Townsville.

For the first time, cassowary habitats have been mapped and will be used to develop a five-year strategic plan to boost the birds' numbers.

Wildlife service spokesman Peter Latch says the plan will include recovery strategies after cyclone Larry devastated habitats in Mission Beach.

"That would look at any issues to do with habitat loss ... loss of corridors," he said.

"How we might go about monitoring habitat, how we might go about monitoring recovery of habitat.

"How we might implement monitoring of the population at a local level and determine how effective the population was." " Cassowaries are very cool birds.


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