Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wild and Woolly Tuesday

Mutterings continued.

Windy weather tends to send my cats a little loopy. Milo was running in and out of the verandah door, making peculiar yowling noises, and generally being a nuisance. He also ran over Gus.

No mail and no parcels from Cafe Press today. *sigh*

I called into the Zoo Shop this afternoon and picked up some birthday stuff for my sister-in-law and Mam2 in the UK. I spotted some great elephant paintings on canvas - one on black with yellow and gold paint that the bull had done particularly took my eye, however at $365 it was a little beyond the budget.

Had lunch at the cafe - chicken and avacado and cashew and carrot and other stuff starting with C sandwich and a large coffee. Took a stroll back to the office past the baboon boys who were playing. When I say 'playing' I mean wrestling, biting, scratching...the usual boy stuff. Taye was pulling on the tail of one of the females; not sure if it was his mum or a particularly tolerant auntie. His mane is starting to grow - there's a definite ruff forming at the back of his head and around his shoulders. This is a male at Singapore Zoo.


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