Monday, July 10, 2006

Blog take 2.

Mutterings continued.

Yesterday I started writing a very interesting blog, full of exciting links and colours. Then my fucking computer closed down and I lost the lot. Grrrr...

So, here goes.

Saturday. Did the usual shopping, no shiny thing purchases. Rob cooked a wonderful rice dish for dins and I spent hours (ahem) preparing apple strudel and fig crumble with cappuccino ice cream. The night's viewing consisted of Space:1999 (in which somebody put too much bubble bath in the spa and Moonbase Alpha was swallowed by foam); several episodes and extras from Creature Comforts 7-13; a great Kolchak (in which several people were attacked by a bonobo. Ok, it wasn't a bonobo, it just looked like one, and as eny fule kno bonobos are peace-loving and have trendy parts in their hair); and finished it off with a shocker of a slash-job of the rather good Marooned called Space Travelers. Giving it the MST3K treatment improved it. A bit.

Sunday. Poss the Rainperson caused the skies to cloud over and rain to fall from the heavens. Yes, I washed my car. $6 and soggy trouser bottoms are a small price to pay. It was 14.8c today, which is a cold day for Perth; tomorrow, much the same.

I called into the Britannia for a late breakfast/lunch but it was too crowded, so I bought the fixings and cooked myself a decent fry up. Not healthy, I know, but I like to think that the goodness of the baked beans and mushrooms outweighed the naughtiness of the bacon.

And I visited Bunnings to buy some more strawberry plants (Milo destroyed the last lot) and some Chocolate Mint and some Pineapple Sage, both of which smell as wonderful as they sound.

A pleasant surprise from my credit union - I've been paid a dividend of $216! It's gone into my travel account.


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