Thursday, July 06, 2006

The further adventures of 'arry.

Mutterings continued.

I was getting a little worried this morning as I couldn't find 'arry. I was concerned that 'e'd fallen off the wall and got sucked up by the cleaners. 'e turned up again, above the door of the office next to mine. 'e was sitting with his arms folded until I started taking photos of him - 'e backed up, reared and made 'imself look big.

The reason I'm rabbiting on about 'arry is that I'm a card-carrying arachnophobe. Living with 'arry 'ere has desensitised me somewhat and I find I'm not at all freaked. Which is a good thing, given the number of bloody great spiders in this country. Not sure I could get as close to real 'orrible 'airy spiders of the bird-eating kind, but...

'arry, relaxing. 'arry, fed with being photographed.

A nice day: got complimented on how tidy the library and my office were looking (that was before I dragged everything off most of the shelves and scattered it over the floor. At lunch I had got to that stage when you either keep going with tidying things up or shove it all back on the shelves and walk away. I chose the former option and by knock-off the library was looking good) and had lunch with Kim (sweet and sour fish with rice for me).


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