Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Boring grocery shopping followed by shiny thing shopping. Sort of shiny - it's a silver and blue vacuum cleaner. I paid a bit more than I intended but it has a power head thingie and has really made a difference to the carpets.

L and R for dins tonight. It's my turn to cook and I'm making mushroom and spinach curry with wild rice and pappadams.

After lunch at the cafe yesterday, we took a quick walk through the Savannah to see what the baboon boys were up to. There's a flame tree in the exhibit with a metal collar, designed to stop baboons getting into it and stripping the leaves. The baboon boys find this metal collar no barrier at all - stand on a dead tree laying down in front of the live tree, bounce up and down on the branches until to you get enough height, and then hurl yourself at the lower branches. Taye, the older, got there first followed by Chad. And Chad got back down by climbing down Taye's body and swinging on his tail.


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