Thursday, July 20, 2006

Litany of woes

Mutterings continued.

Woke up this morning hurting in every limb. And I'd been sleeping with my right hand under my head and my fingers had gone dead. Felt too ill to go to work and rang the doctor's at 8.15 for an appointment, only to be told there was nothing until 10.15 tomorrow. Julie, the receptionist, did offer to put me on the waiting list but there were two people ahead of me. Couple of hours later she rang back to say they could get me in at 12.15.

On the downside - I have to double my asthma medication (taking it at night as well as in the morning, as well as using my puffer every couple of hours); I have an ulcer on my gum and the resulting referred pain radiates down my neck; and the twitches I've developed in my right eyebrow and left eye are perfectly normal and I just have put up with them. On the upside? My blood pressure is down to 130/80. Hurrah for drugs!

TUS and I had dinner at Anna Vietnamese last night. I had the fresh spring rolls (sooo nice), lemon chicken, veggies and fried ice cream. And a beer. And with L and R's entertainment book voucher, it came to $20 each. Bargain! Leece and Maureen ordered Cinnamon Chicken, which looked and smelled wonderful, and took up most of the plate. Def. one for next time.

We're finally off to see Parrots of the Carob Bean Tooth at Glod Class. The only suitable booking was this Saturday at midday. The other sessions had seats - unfortunately they were one behind the other.


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