Friday, August 04, 2006

A bit of a blog before sleepy bo-bos.

Mutterings continued.

Just back from the Dolphin after a stint usheretting. An audience of about 60 - small but appreciative, laughed in all the right places.

Another day of meetings - Full Staff Day (which, as the name suggests, is when all the rosters overlap and there's a full complement of staff), and then an IT Committee meeting.

In the right menu - it's over thattaway ----> is a map which shows where my visitors are popping in from. Most are from Perth, however there are a couple I can't quite figure. Two are in the US (California and one in New York, or Pennsylvania or New Jersey, it's a little hard to tell); one is New Foundland (Hello Nancy!!); one in the north of the UK (Hello Ash!!); one in, I think, Finland (very exotic); and one in SE Asia (possibly Singapore). Hello everyone.

Ok, time to go nigh-nighs. L and R for dins tomorrow night. I've worked out how to reconnect the video recorder so we might watch The Stranger.


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