Thursday, August 03, 2006


The day started rather soggily but warmed up to 23c. Took a nice stroll across Windsor Park at lunch time and had lunch at Dome. Kim and I both had the burger with the lot - so big, we had to eat it in halves.

A good review of Hedda on the ITA website.

This is rather cool - the State Library has got the WA Post Office Directories, 1893 - 1949, on line. "The post office directories provide information by locality, individual surname, government service, and by trade or profession. The different sections enable the enquirer to see at a glance the householders or businesses in any one town; the address of any householder or business in the State; and the businesses or individuals throughout Western
Australia engaged in any trade or profession.""

Maid Marian outtakes.


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