Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Mutterings continued.

The usual grocery shopping this morning was followed by fun shopping at JBs and Spotlight this afternoon. JBs have got their X Files DVDs going out for $12.95 so I bought a couple - one features Darren McGavin (Agua Mala), the other has the very funny vampire episode (Bad Blood) I've raved about to L and R. We might get to see it tonight.

It's been an expensive couple of weeks, DVD-wise. Pre-ordered Mission:Impossible (admittedly the money won't be deducted from my credit card until it ships), bought Hellboy last weekend from Sendit, X Files from JB's today and this morning I ordered Ripping Yarns and The Nightingales (I have no idea what it's like but it sounds interesting - "First transmitted on Channel 4 in 1990, Nightingales focuses on three security guards who have the unenviable task of the graveyard night shift in a tower block. It is a strange comedy where just about anything can happen. A werewolf that performs open-heart surgery, bouts of Shakespearian verse, and an undercover police operation are just some of the bizarre situations – and confrontations – the trio find themselves in. This 2 disc set contains all of the episodes from both series’ of this unhinged sitcom.”

I looked for Maid Marian in JBs but they didn't seem to have it so will try Ezydvd on my day off on the 25th.


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