Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fits and spurts

Mutterings continued.

I have another rent inspection on Tuesday, so I've been doing some desultory tidying and dusting.

Last night we had a great meal prepared by Rob - seafood paella, with Morten Bay bugs, scallops and Red Emperor. Mmmmmmm.... Dessert was apple parcels and chocolate hedgehogs.
I bullied L and R into watching the X Files episode, Bad Blood. Glad I did as it was very funny and a good introduction for them - this was only the second ep of X Files they had seen. We watched the final episode of Rah Xephon - I don't quite understand what it was about. And we watched episode 2.2 of Cattlecar Galactica and MST3K "Being From Another Planet" which was cross between Stargate (mummy in a sarcophagus) and ET (said mummy is actually an alien).

"Frank, let's pretend that I hurt you and move on, shall we?" -Dr. Forrester.

DVD purchases, take 2. Forgot to mention that I've also put an order in for BBV's The Stranger "Breach of the Peace" DVD. Sad fan girl alert: it has an interview with David Troughton.

Another 'must have' DVD - the Masters Apprentices' Fully Qualified - "The package will include extra footage not on "Turn Up Your Video" as well as a CD of Masters Apprentices' greatest hits with bonus tracks." I was a huge fan of the Masters in the 60s - I found their overtly aggressive sexuality scary but rather thrilling (I was only 12/13 years old). Ditto Led Zepplin.

The next Wiseguy story arc has commenced - this one features Kevin Spacey as the aptly named Mel Proffit, a not very nice at all guy.


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