Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunny Day

Mutterings continued.

Cold start but a shiny day. Sat in the sun at lunch time and scoffed the Staff Special - beef stroganoff pie and chips and a large coffee.

The huuuuuge crane was at it again this morning - we had a diverting morning watching large poles with structures attached being raised into the air and lowered into enclosures. We were thinking of serving tea and cakes, for a small sum, as the view from the walkway near our offices was extremely good.

Some of the orangs weren't impressed with the noise and carry on and refused to come outside. The rest were fairly non-committal, as is the way with orangs. SCIENCE ALERT! Unlike most apes, orangs are not at all communal and tend to live on their own once they reach puberty - this is why our lot are in separate exhibits. Mothers and children stay together until the youngster reaches 14 or so and then they move off. Males and females come together to breed every 7 years or so. Consequently, orangs don't have the same range of physical expressions and vocalisation that other apes do. We often get asked why our orangs look bored. They're not, they just look like that. If you don't have to rely on facial expressions to get your meaning across, you tend not to develop them.

And they really hate having to wear collars with the name Pongo inscribed on them.

Things in the post: the Director's cut of Hellboy (includes 10 additional minutes, 12 hours of extra features and exclusive collector's booklet - all for 6 quid); refund cheque from Medicare (for $21, which is less than half of what I pay for a consultation); newsletter from the Australian Orang Project; and a statement from Virgin Credit (closing balance of $24! Whoo hoo!! Course, it doesn't take into account my recent purchases...).

How evil are you?


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