Monday, August 14, 2006

Service Day

Mutterings continued.

Manfred had a service today. He's only done 15,500km and according to the log book his next service was due at 45,000 or 12 months after the previous service. He'd had his 3,000km in May last year, so time-wise he was 3 months over or mileage wise 30,000km under. Confused? Anyhoo, it cost $154 at the local garage and he has new oil, filters, etc etc.

Leaving him at the garage meant I had to catch the bus to work, a short journey that cost $1.40.

It's been a funny day - the sky keeps clouding over but I don't know if there's any rain it. Showers were promised but I don't think they've eventuated. Bloody windy, but.

More good stuff in the mail - the Ripping Yarns DVD I ordered from Sendit has arrived.


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