Friday, August 11, 2006

All shorn

Mutterings continued.

Back from the hairdressers - lighter in pocket and hair.

I've had a nice afternoon; knocked off work at 12 and headed off to JBs (two DVDs - The Corpse Bride and Underworld Evolution (yes, yes, I've read the reviews, but it has Derek Jacobi in it wearing some very fetching clothes. Plus it was cheap.) and a CD - the Clarion Call, R and B, mod and pop-psych from down under. And by 'down under' they mean Western Australian) ) and Spotlight (spent my birthday money - thanks Maureen and Steveg. I've been wanting to spend it on something special and today I bought myself a coffee plunger thingo and a capuccino milk fluffer upper. Have just made myself a coffee and the milk fluffs up a treat.). I also bought some bowls with chickens on them. The cashier wrapped them up in paper patterns instead of the usual tissue paper. Must have a look later at what the pattern in actually for.

The Comedy Channel is reshowing Full Frontal - the really good ones which had Eric Bana, Milo Kerrigan and Nobby Doldrums (played by the wonderful and terribly good looking Shaun Micallef), et al.


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