Friday, August 18, 2006

It's been a good week.

Mutterings continued.

Felt long, but. Achieved a lot, saw a lot, didn't get to eat with TUS (bummer).

From New Scientist: Caps Lock Must Die!

More interestin' stuff from NS: Shattered art can be digitally rebuilt.
And this, which really tickles me: "The reincarnation futures market

IDAN BEN-BARAK, signing himself as president of InMyTime Corporation, is buoyed by the success of his scheme for buying time - you may yourself have noticed how the cost of Thursdays has risen since our report on it (1 April). "As part of our expansion plans," says a new InMyTime statement, "we have hired a team of past-life therapists to conduct some surveys." Ben-Barak naturally volunteered to be the first subject, "and it appears that I was Shirley MacLaine in a past life".

This might seem strange, since she wasn't actually dead when we last checked. But apparently this kind of scheduling problem happens all the time, and it sorts itself out eventually. InMyTime thinks Cleopatra is to blame, as she has been quite overbooked for reincarnations lately, which wreaks havoc on the system.

InMyTime's legal department has consented to release selected details of further findings of the study. It identified a school netball star in York, UK, and a real-estate agent in Orlando, Florida, who both appear to have been Charlemagne, apparently on a time-sharing basis. Joel R (London) has found out to his dismay that he's a "Firstie", with no previous lives. As such he will be blamed for anything going wrong with his future selves. Elias Z, a dentist of Pasadena, California, was previously a particularly well-karmaed fruit bat named eeeEEeeee-EE-Eei in Madagascar, 1914-21 (estimated).

Intense competition for Charlemagnitude will of course raise prices when, as InMyTime expects, a market in reincarnation is opened. How well the fruit bat option will sell is less obvious."


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