Friday, January 16, 2004

Boring Day.

Mutterings continued.

Off sick, headache, sore throat, feel like I've been run over by a steamroller.

Since buying the new DVD player, I've been able to watch the extras on Pirates that I couldn't before. Three good easter eggs, including an interview with Keith Richards in which he discusses Johnny Depp's character being based on him.

I watched the Dead Again DVD with commentary by Branagh - he gave Derek Jacobi concussion during the fight scene and also spent about an hour convincing him to leap to his death on the scissors. Nasty way to go, though not as nasty as being poisoned, rapiered and chandeliered as he was in Branagh's Hamlet.

There seems to be a lot of speculation and misinformation about who is really going to be in the Hitchhikers movie. Tim from the Office (shocker with names, I am) was mentioned (by his brother). The Book's voice was so distinctive I don't know he'll be replacable.


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