Thursday, January 08, 2004

US Politics Obscenity

Mutterings continued.

There was a report on Newsradio this afternoon about the forthcoming presidential election in the US. By the time the primaries come around, George Dubya will have $200million to play with just for advertising. There are no Republicans candidates against him - he has $200 million to slag off Dean.

And now for something, etc

"Archaeologists mistake 1940s patio for Viking village

Archaeologists have admitted to having been made to look "very silly" after mistaking a 1940s sunken patio for a 9th century Viking village." Tee hee. Bloody Vikings.

The Target store in Vic Park this afternoon was looking more like a Red Dot store - very untidy and a few empty shelves. I did get some bargains - it was 15% off everything day and I got MP's Holy Grail for $18.


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