Friday, January 02, 2004


Mutterings continued.

Another short week - dunno how I'll cope with a full 5 days next week!

I had the day off so I went to Carousel in search of a Return of the King calendar (no luck. Anybody know if they are still around?) and ended up buying a lovely vintage travel poster calendar instead. And a shirt and some mascara and a candle holder thingie.

Then to the Good Guys where I bought an LG DVD player for $145, down from $169. Unfortunately it can't be played through video players (to stop the naughty copying of disks by evil persons) and my system (if that's what you'd call it - more a conglomeration of players, recorders, cable boxes, etc) is set up so that everything goes through one of the vcrs. It took the genius of Rob M to set it all up and I think the poor lad will have to do it again for me as my brain just goes, "Nuh, no way" when it comes to working out which cable goes where. It does the same with chemistry and multiple regression.


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