Friday, December 26, 2003

Boxing Day

Mutterings continued.

Well, that's Christmas over and done with for another year. I bought enough presents, the nieces were happy with what I'd got them and we had a good day. Lovely to see the girls and their partners.

Bloody hot out on the road, but.

Today has been spent doing the washing, emptying out cupboards, ok, cupboard, and nothing much else.

Christine posted a funny superhero story on her blog. I wrote this for her Palaver page and have nicked it back to fill up some space here.


The scene: a very untidy office in a Government agency, somewhere south of the river. A figure is sitting in the dark in front of a flickering monitor, surrounded on all sides by stationery catalogues, grant applications, and research proposals. Multi-skilled as she is, our heroine is managing to not finish any of the projects she's currently working on and the endless stream of people at her door telling her that the printers/fax machines/photocopiers don't work, isn't helping.

A figure in green looms in the doorway, tentatively knocks and says, "The printer downstairs isn't working. It's saying something about a face up tray...."

"Right!" explodes our heroine. She pushes past the unfortunate in green and stomps down the stairs. As she does so she removes her glasses, looses her hair, whirls around a couple of times, walks giddily into a wall and reveals the Superperson costume beneath her clothes.

"My god!" gasp her fellow office workers who have come to have a look at why the printer isn't working for them either. "It's Expected to Know Everything About Everything Woman!"

ETKEAE Woman's hand goes to her holster and she pulls out a very nasty looking laser pistol. She takes careful aim and reduces the recalcitrant printer to a pile of smoking rubble. She turns to the co-worker who did such a good job of being the straw that broke the proverbial and does the same to him. Her fellow workers all take one step back.

They hear her muttering as she walks back up the stairs but nobody is game to ask her what she said."

Any similarity to persons living or dead, or sitting not a hundred miles from this computer, is purely coincidental.

The Google ad at the top of the page is currently reading, "This blank space is brought to you by Google." Thank you, Google, I've always wanted a blank space of my very own.


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