Friday, December 19, 2003

That's another week gone.

Mutterings continued.

It's been a little hectic this week - moving furniture, moving the parents, attending production meetings...

I got up close and personal with 3 of the rhinos today. Tamu, the bub, is 1 year old next week and I took some photos of her for the newsletter. Lord she's grown! From 75kg at birth to 650kg! And still growing. I got to scratch Memphis and Tamu's mum, Sabie as well.

Was watching one of the dvds that arrived this week last night (I still haven't named it for fear of having scorn heaped upon my head). It has an audio commentary by the director and some of the actors and is pretty funny to listen to, especially Jason Flemyng and Tony Curran's description of meeting Sean Connery for the first time. They were saying that he would take them out to dinner and pay for every meal, refusing to allow anybody else to pay. Not the tight-arse he's reported to be, perhaps?

Fingers crossed for Beagle 2 and Mars Express - "Mars mission reaches crucial stage

Beagle 2, the British spacecraft heading for Mars to search for life, is reaching a make-or-break stage in its mission.

The tiny disc-shaped probe has to separate successfully from its Mars Express mothership."

One of the more exciting things that happened on this day: "1863 Linoleum was patented by Frederick Walton of London."

I read an article the other day which stated that Elijah Wood's LOTR colleagues are annoyed that he showed his Fellowship tattoo on an interview show. Ian McKellen showed off his on Parkinson a few months ago - I guess they didn't see it!

Leece and Rob are coming for dinner tomorrow. No more Prisoner! What shall we do?? We do have MST3K and Neverwhere to keep us going.


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