Friday, December 12, 2003

Magpie chorus

Mutterings continued.

I have a family of magpies outside my back door. One is in the tree making that lovely warbling sound and two are on the ground. One is obviously a poor half-starved young 'un as it keeps following the other around going, "Feeeeeed meeeeeee!" in magpie. Of course, it's the same size as the other adult.

Great article on 'nerds' in the Guardian -,4120,1104848,00.html I don't mind being an all-round geek.

I received an email from Allposters today advising me that the poster I was interested in was back in stock. What poster?? I'd completely forgotten that I'd asked them to let me know when a particular poster is available again. Hope it arrives in time for Xmas.

Foxtel is showing the original Mission:Impossible episodes - from BEFORE Mr Phelps! Damn, they're good. TV1 screened some of the later episodes after Martin Landau and Barbara Bain left and Leonard Nimoy had joined and they weren't very good at all.

There's a young lass posting to the ITA website who has the most appalling spelling and I'm trying very hard not to respond. I don't know if she's reached the age of 13 and simply can't spell or if she's done it to be clever. "me" is spelt "mi" and most of the most basic words are misspelled. It's half txt talk, half illiteracy.


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