Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Poss the Brave (go me!!)

Mutterings continued.

I am arachnophobic. On an arachnophobic scale, I'm at the 'freezing with fear, toes and fingers curled under, brain ceasing to function' end of the spectrum. Today, however, I saved a spider! Admittedly it was a daddy long legs, which more resemble gnats with very long legs than your average Huntsperson, but it's a spider nonetheless (and extremely venomous, to boot. Or in this case, 8 boots. It's just that their fangs are too wussy to do any damage.) and I saved it. It was stuck in the wash basin in the loo at work so I lifted it out and put it back on the wall. It was last seen in the upper most corner of the room.

I'm off to Scarbrough tonight for dins with the usual suspects and it should be a nice night for it. I think grilled fish and salad is the order of the day. Or evening.

It seems that the BBC has finally confirmed the release date for series 1 of Blake's 7 DVD - January 26. RRP is 50 quid and the set contains the following:

# Commentary tracks on the following 3 episodes:- Space Fall - with Michael Keating (Vila), Sally Knyvette (Jenna) & David Maloney (Producer) Seek-Locate-Destroy - with Stephen Greif (Travis), Michael Keating (Vila) & Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan) Project Avalon - with Stephen Greif, Sally Knyvette & Jacqueline Pearce
# 2 Out-takes, a missing scene, 1 Robot, 2 Flat Feet & a blooper
# Blue Peter - Lesley Judd makes a Liberator Teleport Bracelet
# Trailer for Series 2
# Easter Eggs

Commentary from Paul Darrow would be interesting.


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