Monday, December 08, 2003

Lord what a mess!

Mutterings continued.

Word to the wise - never start rearranging the furniture in your flat at 9pm on a Sunday. You don't finish the job and you come home to a place that looks as though it's been done over by the Tactical Response Squad. And you get cats whining because every inch of sleeping space has been taken up by books, vids, posters, etc.

From Ananova:

"JRR Tolkien's great grandson is to appear in the next instalment of the blockbuster Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Royd Tolkien, 34, took the part of a Gondorian Ranger in the new film adaptation of his famous relative's stories after director Peter Jackson invited him to join the cast.

Mr Tolkien said: "I was just blown away when Peter Jackson came up with the idea of putting a Tolkien into the film and to be a Gondorian Ranger is a huge privilege." " I wonder if the rest of the Tolkien family are still talking to him.

And speaking of Tolkien, the National Geographic special, Beyond the Lord of the Rings, is on this Wed. on the Nat Geo channel.


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