Thursday, December 11, 2003

It's Friday tomorrow. Again!

Mutterings continued.

Had a lovely evening in Scarb last night with TUS*. The grilled fish and salad was very nice, as was the company.

Leece, Rob and I have been terminally affected by Noises Off - every time anything moves or goes missing, there's a chorus of "Was there! Now.....goooooorn!" Thank you Leah!!

Speaking of Leece, the wonderful person has booked our tickets for Return of the King at Cinema Gold. Woo hoo! It's not until Sat. 3rd but we can wait. Just. I think ROTK def. has to be experienced in a Gold cinema. I was gloating to one of the women at work and she said, "Would it be sheer bastardry on my part to say that I'm seeing it next Wednesday?" We agreed that it would.

The MegaHugiGigaPlex at Innaloo is holding a LOTR marathon - all 3 movies - on Dec. 28 from 9pm. Given ROTK is 3 hours 20, I think that means you'd be staggering out at 7 the next morning. Tempting.....

I saw an amusing car rego plate on the way home tonight - it was on a blue Holden of some description, EK, PQ, whatever, that had been done up and it read "Nice eh". Yes, it was.

I received an email from saying that my order has been shipped. Yes, I've been spending more of my hard-earned in Canada. I've got Pirates of the Carbohydrates, Dead Again and......... something else that I'm almost too afraid to talk about in front of Some People heading this way. Pirates was CAN$26, which is roughly A$27. Free postage too. The RRP for the DVD when released in March is $36.

From Ananova:

Abusive notes found inside Christmas crackers

A group of partygoers has found abusive notes inside Christmas crackers with "fat b*****ds" and other insults written on them.

Pranksters had removed the usual jokes in the crackers and replaced them with the insults.

The incident is said to have ruined a Christmas party for 40 Workington council staff at Hunwith Hill Hotel in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

A woman in her 50s was one of several workers who got the "fat b*****ds" note, while others got a note reading: "You've not won anything so f*** off."

A third note mocked the sex lives of the recipients' mothers. One of the council workers said: "It put the mockers on the whole night. The abuse was beyond the pale."

The partygoers complained to the hotel, which put them in touch with the firm which supplied the crackers - Thompson Medd, of Bishop Auckland, County Durham."

Oh dear, that's just awful. Tee hee, BWAHAHAHAH. Sorry.

*The Usual Suspects.


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