Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Quick lunchtime blog

Mutterings continued.

as I may not have time tonight. I have a Tempest production meeting. Or is that a tempestuous production meeting?

I made the mistake of visiting the Mausoleum Club and someone has posted that the Raffles series has been released on DVD. Oh no! One of my all time favourite series from 70's and they had to bloody release them and make me spend money. Sigh. More hard-earned heading to Canada. I've checked my account at DVDsoon and it seems that Dead Again was shipped the day after Pirates and The Other One (not its real name), so I'm hoping it will arrive today.

I found the Aus Post distribution centre in Bentley where a parcel was waiting for me. It's on John Delaeter drive, which I'm assuming was named after Prof Delaeter who taught me Astronomy at WAIT. Lovely man. I was the only one in the class who passionately wanted to be there; everybody else was doing Radiology and thought it was a good skive to get Elective points up. Apparently the Como PO is overcrowded with parcels and can't take any more so big parcels (as mine was, goodie goodie) have to be picked up at Bentley.

I shifted all the furniture around in the flat last night and managed to drop a metal futon base on my big toes, knock over a pedestal fan and send send several empty tins crashing to the floor. Lord knows what the neighbours thought was going on.


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