Monday, December 15, 2003


Mutterings continued.

I have in my possession a ticket to the 5.30pm screening of ROTK in the Gold Cinema on Jan 3. Yippeee. Thank you to the Wonderful Leece who, after sitting on hold for over 30 minutes, went down to Innaloo and bought the tickets.

JMS's take on seeing Return of the King (from the r.a.s.t.b5.m. newsgroup):

".... "The Return of the King" is magnificent on every level. There are times
you feel you're looking at some forgotten history come to life, the imagery is
almost painfully beautiful at times, breathtaking and awe-inspiring other
times. I remember sitting there, thinking there are some things one feels
priviliged to have lived long enough to have seen. This is one of them. It's
brave, heroic, tragic, moving, funny, inspiring and wistful all at the same

So for those who were hoping for the best...your hopes will be realized. It's
just freaking magnificent."

My folks are moving in a seniors' village in Armadale - fully furnished units (tv, microwave, toaster, etc, etc), 3 meals a day, that sort of thing. Which means that they have to find homes for all their possessions. Where am I going to put it all???!!! A lot of it is going to St Vinnies (there's a lovely Scots lady who lives in the units near them who works as a vollie for St Vinnies and they're giving a lot to her) but there's stuff they've had for years that has a lot of sentimental value that they just can't find space for now. Ah well, I'm using to living out of boxes so a few more won't make much difference. A few months back I inherited the family rolling pin - it used to belong to Mam's mam and is about 70 years old.

Anybody else getting spam offering to sell you flu jabs? The stuff is probably made from the same ingredients used in the viagra tabs they're trying to flog.


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