Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Mailman Cometh

Mutterings continued.

A few exciting items in the post today. There was a parcel on the doorstep from DVDsoon which contained 2 of the 3 items I ordered. Funnily enough, Dead Again, the one I'd had an email about advising that it had been sent, wasn't one of them. A posscard from Leece, a Chrimbo card from Huddersfield and a yellow and red card from Aust Post advising that there's a parcel waiting for me at the Bentley mail centre. Why Bentley, I have no idea as I live in Como and there are two post offices much closer!

I've just read on the Prisoner newsgroup that Alexis Kanner who played Number 48 died on the weekend. Sad news - he was only 61. According to IMDB the last thing he appeared in was a badly received filmed version of Asimov's Nightfall in the 80's.

I'm supposed to be doing a major rearrangement of furniture in the main and second bedrooms to accommodate the stuff I'm getting from my parents, but now that Pirates of the Carbohydrate has arrived I'm thinking I may get distracted.... oooh, there's an audio commentary by Johnny Depp....


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