Saturday, December 20, 2003

Saturday Night's Alright

Mutterings continued.

but not for fighting.

I got the last of the Xmas shopping done today. At least I think I have. I always worry that I haven't bought enough or I've forgotten someone. Mum said that my Bro and Sis-in-law said that we shouldn't buy pressies for the adults this year, just the kids (the kids being 20 and 23 years of age!!). I'm terrified that I'm going to show up on Xmas day and discover that they didn't really mean it.

Being an early riser has its advantages, especially when it comes to going shopping and finding a decent parking space. Or any parking space at all. I got everything done by 9.30amish and felt so superior as I drove out and watched all those driving in looking for somewhere to park.

And today I finally sent off the pressies to my friend in Yorkshire that have been sitting in the back room waiting to be dispatched for several months. I know she and Mam2 won't get them in time and I'm feeling very guilty at not being more organised - especially as hers to me arrived this week and all the parcels are done up beautifully. I did however send mail order gifts from Lush UK and the RSC so at least they've got something.

Two things that puzzled me today. 1. With the amount of hair my cats shed on the curtains, furniture, me, etc, how is it they're not bald?? 2. Why do Australia Post shops only have one entrance, so that people coming in have to fight their way through the queues of people trying to pay and get out?

"A Belgian man was charged with speeding at 1,154mph in his Citroen car." Woah!!

"The third Harry Potter film will be shown on large-scale Imax screens as well as normal cinemas when it is released next summer." Leece saw a preview of the film the other day and said it looked very good indeed; dark and atmospheric. She saw the Looney Tunes movie and agreed with Grant W that it was a very cool film.

I hope dinner turns out ok tonight - I've made chilled zucchini and pea soup with mint pesto and chicken noodle stirfry.


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