Monday, December 29, 2003


Mutterings continued.

The counter on the blog is reading 1002. I wonder who was the reader who turned the counter over from 999 to 1000?

Goodies in the post - the fact that I paid for them doesn't make it any less exciting to get parcels in the post. My Dead Again DVD has arrived from Canada - it was sent the day after Pirates and LXG (there! I've said it!!) but arrived over a week later. Bloody Christmas mail! And a book on Richard III also turned up.

I've always believed that the monarchy should have stopped with Richard 3 as they all became much less interesting after him. And Richard's only in my good books because he (allegedly) tried to do in the rest of the royal family. Pity there were too many of them. 8-) Actually, I don't believe the Shakespearean spin on Richard at all and think the man just got bad press.

The receipt of Dead Again takes my Derek Jacobi DVD count to five (DA, One Clavdivs, Henry V, Gosford Park and Gladiator). Still in the lead is Ian McKellen with 6 (X Men 1 and 2, LOTR 1 and 2, Othello, Richard III), and Branagh's gone up to 4 (Henry V, DA, Loves Labours Lost, Harry Potter 2).

Brave me saved another spider (or it could have been the same one as last time) from the dreaded bathroom sink at work. It was a Daddy Long legs and therefore one of the tolerated 8 legs. Actually, the poor thing only had 6 legs so it wasn't really a spider.

Sadly, the Very Secret Diaries will no longer be written. They have in the past been the cause of much mirth and repetition of catch phrases - "Still the prettiest" and "Stupid orks" to name a couple.


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