Sunday, December 28, 2003

The day after the day after Boxing Day.

Mutterings continued.

Thank the small gods the weather has cooled down! 30c at 3am is not nice!! I slept very badly on Boxing Day night and now the voices in my bedroom are back. On a brighter note, I rang my mate Ashley in the UK and we chatted for over an hour. The weather there was cold, grey, wet and miserable while here it was bright, hot, wet and miserable. Or was that just me?

I called into the travel agents at Garden City yesterday to see if there are any Early Bird deals going. For about $2200 (which includes airfares, taxes and $300 worth of land content) I can fly Perth/Singapore/London/Paris/Singapore/Perth. This is cheaper than the trip I booked in 2002 - I had to pay for the side trip to Rome (only $50). There are cheaper deals of course, however I'm a frequent flyer with Qantas and another trip will take me to about 110,000 points, which gets me a return flight to NY, LA, London, Paris or Frankfurt (conditions apply).

I want to see more of Scotland, Portmerion of course, and spend more time in London as I've only done bits of the Brit and Science Museums and none of the V and A.


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