Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The penultimate day of 2003.

Mutterings continued.

A very funny web site sent by Leece - Hunt the Haggis! The recipes, while genuine, are a hoot (s mon).

Nothing much of interest in the post today, just a cattledog from Spotlight, a good place for props materials. I've got Friday off so I think I feel a visit coming on - they're right next door to the Good Guys in Cannington, which is handy as I want to spend some money with them 'n all.

I've got a really expensive couple of weeks coming up - car rego is due, ditto phone bill (which now includes the mobile and cable!), passport has expired so I need to get a new one and I have to book and pay for the trip to the UK by the end of January.

From Ananova - "People considering a tandem skydive would trust cartoon character Homer Simpson over US President George Bush, according to research." Hmmm, so skydivers aren't a looney as I thought!

Mike Nesmith is 61 today! Good god!


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