Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Tuesday lunchtime blogging.

Mutterings continued.

I have a Tempest production meeting tonight and so won't have a chance to blog. I got my props list last week and I'm already starting to stress (nothing new there). Eek! Where am I going to get 9" high chess pieces? and a boat?? Eeek eek! And tomorrow night Pat the SM won't be at rehearsals so I've got to do what she does and I've never done it before and what's blocking anyway??? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF??

Meanwhile, back in the sane world....

The cats have been feeling the heat. Gus has taken to sleeping in the loo next to the toilet bowl and Milo under the bed.

The very cool episodes of Mission:Impossible have started on Fox Classics - the ones with Mr Phelps. The ep the other night featured a cat that had been taught to open boxes and cases and lift stuff - pearls, priceless jade artifacts, that sort thing. A very useful moggie to be sure. Given the trainability of cats, I wonder how many mogs they actually used - one to walk along a beam, one to open up the case, another to lift the stuff out, another to retrieve it...

Got a couple of bargains at Dymocks on Saturday, including the 3 volume Complete Works of Lewis Carrol with drawings by Tennielle, for $20. Did you know that Through the Looking Glass is a chess game? Clever sod, that Carrol. And a couple of Sherlock Holmes - the Best of and the Return of. They're printed in the original Strand Magazine format.

Bensons World in the UK (whom I've never used but about whom I've heard good things) is having a sale and has some decent DVDs going for 7 quid. Disks include Flight of the Nagivator (fun) and Gangster No. 1 (with Paul Bettaney who seems to be popping up in nearly everything to come out of Britain). They've also got A Very Peculiar Practice for 18 quid, which I'm very tempted to get. I'm a little worried about their clientele, however, as No. 3 in their top ten is Donny Osmond Live. 8-0

I see that the US Critics have awarded best comedy to Bruce Almighty. I haven't seen the film as I'm not a huge Jim Carrey as comedian fan. I do like his more serious work a lot, however. I thought the Truman Show was fantastic and really enjoyed The Majestic.

Comment nicked from the Mausoleum Club forum -

"To get back to Press Gang, there's a bit about it in today's Telegraph Arts and Books Review. It doesn't list any extras. The review itself is a bit patronising, the way they so often are - obviously written by somebody who used to enjoy it, but feels that we're supposed to grow out of these things in time. The kind who talks about kids' shows as something that "we used to enjoy when we were younger." Twit. The rest of us still do enjoy them! Sounds like the release is still on, anyway. "


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