Friday, January 09, 2004

Lord I hate getting old (er)

Mutterings continued.

Back from the doctor's with a fistful of referrals and scripts. The blood pressure is back down (135/84 if anyone is interested) but Doc thinks it's time I had another colonoscopy (mmmm....pethidine....), mammogram, cholesterol and hormone check. I know that's probably more than anyone wants to know but I've got to have a whinge somewhere.

Well, it seems that Rowan Atkinson ISN'T going to be playing Voldemort in the next HP movie. Not according to his agent anyway. Shame, I always loved his evil Blackadder.

For a bit of (foul mouthed) fun, the Empire magazine movie insult generator .

And more silliness - the Superhero Name Generator. I am.....The Tungsten Spectre (though I prefer Expected to Know Everything About Everything Woman).

And this. Keep clicking on the different parts of the page until something happens (hint: the hookah pipe and the lock).


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