Monday, February 09, 2004


Mutterings continued.

A busy day, and an expensive one buying props.

It smells like rain but I don't think it will, unfortunately.

News from the Grammys:

"A handful of honors went to three artists who died last year: Johnny Cash, who was honored with director Mark Romanek for best short-form video for "Hurt"; Cash's wife, June Carter Cash, won best traditional folk album for "Wildwood Flower" and best female country vocal performance for the song "Keep on the Sunny Side."

Warren Zevon, who passed away in September, won contemporary folk album for his swan song, "The Wind," and best rock vocal performance for "Disorder in the House," a duet with Bruce Springsteen.

Weird Al Yankovic won best comedy album for his record "Poodle Hat." Eugene Levy and Michael McKean won best song written for a motion picture for the title tune from "A Mighty Wind." "

Blake's 7 DVD - Some screen grabs. Speaking of DVDs, the Raffles disks have arrived from Canada. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet.

It's raining - weeee!!! Oh, I think it's stopped. Hmm, must be raining in the city as Bondy's tower is obscured. A piece of ancient history - I learned to drink in the Ladies' Bar of the Palace Hotel, a lovely piece of architecture that was gutted and had a symbol of the 80's thrust through the middle of it.


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