Thursday, February 05, 2004

One more sleep

Mutterings continued.

and I'm on hols for a couple of weeks. Still have a heap of props to get/make but the Wonderful Pat Stroud has been really helpful in tracking down the trickier items.

Blackstar is advertising the Blake's 7 series 1 set, release date 1 March, for 38 quid. '1 Robot, 2 Flat Feet and a blooper' sounds intriguing. Blackstar has a sale on - 13 quid for Red Dwarf series 4 (approx A$31). I haven't bought series 3 yet!

The Empire Awards - ROTK Best film, Johnny Depp Best Actor (I know there are those who won't agree with that. 8-D ), Ride of the Rohirrim Best Scene, Andy Serkis Best British Actor, MC Bill Bailey Best line "Hello, I'm Bill Bailey, the spawn of a hobbit's one night stand with Michael Bolton."


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