Sunday, February 01, 2004

I can see for miles and miles...

Mutterings continued.

Or at least, I can finally see the floor in the second bedroom. When my parents moved to a smaller place they gave me a lot of stuff and I just shoved it in the second room and hoped for the best. The landlord's inspection on Tuesday was just the impetus I needed to finally tidy the damn room up.

I caught the end of that scary movie with Nicole Kidman and kids in a haunted house - I didn't realise Eric Sykes was in it. I used to enjoy 'Sykes' with Hattie Jacques and Richard Wattis - one episode I particularly remember had Hattie and Eric lost in a pea souper fog. They walked for miles getting more and more lost only to discover they'd never actually left the house. The DVD of the series is now available - a review.

Margaret Throsbie is interviewing Ian McKellen tomorrow morning. Hopefully the audio will be up on the Classic FM website soon thereafter.

Apparently I'm not single, I'm a Quirkyalone. It's American, of course.


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