Wednesday, January 21, 2004

They don't make CD cases the way they used to.

Mutterings continued.

There was a card in the letterbox yesterday advising that something was waiting for me at the Bentley Distribution Centre (hours 6am to 3pm). I was hoping it was my passport but it was the Return of the King CD I'd ordered from D Store. In several tiny pieces. Well, the case was, the CD itself was ok. It was packed in a regulation Australia Post CD box but something heavy must have been dropped on it. I rang D Store and they're sending out a new case.

While waiting for my parcel I watched the guys (in sexy bright orange shirts - not) sorting the mail for delivery. What a bloody boring job!

Off to dinner at Scarborough tonight with TUS. Leece is bringing along her arsenal of weaponry for Tempest.


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