Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's for a play! Really!

Mutterings continued.

It's not always easy buying props for certain productions. This afternoon I called into the local Army surplus store to buy knives and gun shoulder holsters. Managed to get the former, not the latter. Looks like I'll be making them. I find that there's something creepy about Army surplus stores - they have a range of stuff made by "Combat Readiness" that includes knife holders, torch holders and other things all in camouflage fabric.

I've had to cart around some interesting things in the name of Art - a couple of years ago I was lugging 3 rifles back and forth for Hamlet. I was a little concerned about leaving them in the store room next to the New Fortune and so would take them home and back again every night of the run. I must have looked very suss walking about with three large rifles under my arms but only one person every made a comment. Maybe I'm just not the scary looking sort (dammit!).

Final night was interesting - I drove home with 3 rifles, two skulls and a gravedigger's shovel on the back seat of the car.

I went to pay for the balance of my trip this morning. I'm booking a hire car through Hertz as part of the package but the travel agent couldn't get through so I'll finalise it all next week. I've decided to pick the car up in Stratford as the Hertz depot, and when I say depot I mean caravan, is right next door to the train station.


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