Sunday, January 25, 2004

One Night in Bangkok

Mutterings continued.

I've been searching for large chess pieces and board to use as set dressing for Tempest. I did a trawl on the net and discovered a chap in Perth who was selling a Reynard the Fox set. The kings are about 200mm high and the others pieces slightly smaller. Apart from the rooks, all the pieces are animals - the pawns are rabbits, the kings are lions, Reynard is a bishop. I bought the set today and just love it. I've just done a bit of search for Reynard and discovered that the chess set is a classic and based on the animals in Goethe's poem "The Animals of the Forest". And a new set, identical to the one I've just bought, is worth US$286, without the board. Here's a picture of it. The matching board, made from polyurethane is Au$200, mine is wood. At $80, I think I've got a bargain.

Full day of rehearsals tomorrow. SM Pat has asked me to stand in for her tomorrow so I'll get to see the thing from go to whoa. I'll have to leave early, however, as Main Roads are closing off the Freeway exits to South Perth at 4pm and I won't be able to get home!


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